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The key to advancing the cause of liberty is activism. Organizing is hard and often thankless work. But – there are those willing to dedicate their time and energy. They put aside their time for freedom….for all of us.

Tonight, we talk with one of our best young activists in the country, Maine Tenth Amendment Center chapter coordinator, Chris Dixon. Chris has been making inroads and connections with groups often not interested in liberty..and we hear a little about what makes up his secret sauce.

During the news segment of the show, the hosts discussed New Hampshire passing a law protecting jury nullification.  Lesley Swann described jury nullification as, “It offers juries the opportunity to judge not only the facts of a case …but actually the jury can judge the law, and they can choose in specific cases set aside the law.”

The show’s guest, Chris Dixon from the Maine Tenth Amendment Center shared his efforts on building coalitions to nullify Obamacare.  “Best thing to do is just get out there.  Find out when Tea Parties are meeting, find out when Republican Party meeting, Libertarian Party meetings, and Constitutional group meetings and just attend them.  You will build connections up by getting out there and putting a face to your name as well reaching out on Facebook connecting with other people.”

When asked about how to reaching to those who are not necessarily of a liberty bent, Chris responded, “It is all in the angle really.  When it comes to the Tenth Amendment, depending on the issue,  I can tell it as ‘Don’t look at it as an issue look at is as the Tenth Amendment.  If you agree with the proposal like Health Care, let us agree to tone it down to the state level. So there is common ground there.”

Since Chris is only twenty-two years old, he was asked what triggered him to become an activist.  He described during high school he researched the Constitution for an American Legion contest.  He added, “So I had to sit down and read this document that no one teaches anymore.  Read it, and decide what I was going to write about.  I’m like ‘Holy Crap! What’s going on here?’ …  I sat down and read part of the ‘Revolution’ by Ron Paul, and that really sparked it for me. And then I became a full borne Tenther in 2009 when I wrote a state sovereignty resolution, and had the backing of the Tea Party founder up there, and we started hammering away at that.”

One final note from the episode, Michael Boldin made the honest revelation of, “I was such an idiot in high school.”

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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Lambert and John Michaels

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