Texas Bill Would Legalize Industrial Hemp; Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition

Editors note: This report has been updated to reflect further analysis of the legislation.

AUSTIN, Texas (March 20, 2017) – A bill introduced in the Texas House would legalize the production and processing of industrial hemp in the state, potentially setting the stage to nullify federal prohibition on the plant in practice.


Maryland House Passes “Sanctuary State” Bill; Future Uncertain after Veto Threat

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (March 20, 2017) – Today, the Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill to withdraw state participation from the enforcement of most federal immigration laws. Passage into law is far from certain, as the Governor has promised to veto the bill and the 83-55 vote in the House is two short of a veto-override.…


To the Governor: New Mexico Passes Electronic Communications Privacy Act

SANTA FE, N.M. (March 20, 2017) – Last week, the New Mexico House gave final approval for a bill known as the Electronic Communication Privacy Act. If signed by the governor, the bill would not only protect privacy in New Mexico, but would also hinder at least two aspects of the federal surveillance state.