Message from the Establishment to the Tea Party

Alex Snitker rants about how establishment politicians are laughing at the tea party, patriot and 912 groups because they think you’re impotent. They no longer fear the tea party groups because they think that all you do is attend meetings and complain. Oh sure, occasionally a Republican official will drop by a tea party event…


Politicians: Say one thing, do another

Florida Is Suing over Obamacare with the Right Hand, and Taking Money from it with the Left Hand

So, Florida is suing over Obamacare’s individual mandate BUT taking money from the program just the same.  So, does the State believe only the individual mandate portion is illegal, or does it believe that the federal government does in fact aside from the individual mandate, have the right to provide national health care.?

SB736 was the first bill signed by then new Governor Rick Scott amid much ballyhoo of holding teachers accountable. Truth be told, this bill put us in compliance with Obama’s Race to the Top educational stimulus funds program. You can see this for yourself at: Notice that Race to the Top is referenced eleven times in the Florida Senate’s own analysis.

What is the outlook for LIBERTY in the upcoming Florida session? Based on acceptance of Obamacare monies and additional RTTT funds, we would think not very good. While the Governor and Legislature may talk a good game of not wanting the Feds in their business, the reality is, they will do what they need to do to get the money. Including head fakes to those of us who have asked for the passage of LIBERTY legislation.


Florida Sheriffs Decline To Enforce Law Against TSA Gropers

 Liberty Movement activists and the Florida Sheriff’s ended the Sunday afternoon of July 31,2011  with at best an agree to disagree opinion of taking action to end TSA groping of law abiding airline passengers.  We suggest that since the Sheriffs will be standing for re-election in 2012, this issue be kept alive and in the forefront of Liberty Movement issues regarding civil liberties. 

For now, calls and letters to your county sheriff taking exception to their Association’s statement should go out immediately.  Make this an election issue. Let’s get Florida’s Sheriff’s on the record that they believe in the unquestioned authority of the general government and will not protect their constituents from that government. Let’s not compound this poor attitude by awarding them their star for another four years, or worse yet, sending them to state or federal congressional seats.

It might help too to determine how much your county Sheriff’s department received in general government grants towards their federalization and militarization. The money trail is always a dependable traceline for determining loyalties.

                    “About 50 activists gathered Sunday outside the Ocean Center and Daytona Hilton Oceanfront Resort, where the Florida Sheriffs Association Convention was getting under way. The protesters want the sheriffs to enforce state laws against sexual molestation when TSA agents perform patdowns that are too intrusive……

                    “… Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Party chairman, said the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to be secure against unreasonable government searches…”It’s unacceptable the federal government is violating the Bill of Rights,” he said.

Andrew Nappi, coordinator of the Florida Tenth Amendment Center, said the intrusions on flight travelers are akin to some of the most reviled criminal acts in American society.”

“By MARK HARPER, Staff Writer, Daytona News Journal  

Read The Entire Article At:

Official Response From the Florida Sheriff’s Association:


PolitiFact Florida Truth-O-Meter: Right on Haridopolis Tweet, Wrong On Constitution

cross-posted from the Florida Tenth Amendment Center

In Fridays July 15th,2011 St.Pete Times, the PolitiFact Florida Truth- O- Meter takes issue with a tweet from Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolis. The tweet reads:Florida’s proposed Health Care Freedom Act “will allow Floridians to opt out of Obama’s govt. takeover of healthcare!”

You can read the original article at:

Florida Tenth Amendment Center has another take on both the Haridopolis tweet and Florida Truth-O-Meter’s story. Both are truth-challenged on the meter measure.

In this case, the good folks at Truth-O-Meter get it half right. The tweet certainly proves false. But the lie-detecting journalists at the St. Petersburg Times totally miss the reason for the falsehood, and completely mangle the Constitution in the process.

There is no truth in the Haridopolis tweet. When questioned by Truth-O-Meter reporters, ALEC, (American Legislative Exchange Council) the inspirational source of Florida’s Health Care Freedom Act, Truth-O-Meter says: “But the organization says that the state laws and constitutional amendments have no immediate impact on implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act. They only pave the way for a court battle, should the law ultimately be ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Truth-o-Meter continues: “Does it allow Floridians to opt out if it’s successful? Yes,” said Christie Herrara, director of ALEC’s health task force. “A lawsuit would have to be filed.”
“In other words, the “opt out,” would come as the result of a legal challenge by states that would argue their constitutions prohibit the implementation of the federal health care law.”


Tenther 101

cross-posted from the Florida Tenth Amendment Center

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center was pleased to present a “Tenther 101” introduction to the Republican Club of Central Pasco County. This is the first time we ever spoke with an actual party affiliated organization. We appreciate the cordial and interested reception we received. We look forward to continuing our information sharing with these nice folks. We encourage all groups, not only Republicans to lobby the Florida State Legislature for real Liberty legislation. Templates for these can be found at:
If the States are to be sovereign with all the “powers not delegated” all of us will need to keep the pressure on our state legislatures. They will not come to this on their own.

Video graciously provided by our friends at Wake Up 1776


Poor Rick Scott. He Was Only Following the Law

 “I don’t know that I would have made the decision to go forward with this if I had been around three or four years ago,” he said in St. Petersburg at the Florida Press Association/Florida Society of News Editors annual meeting. “I walked in with this set of facts.” He said his attorneys told him he would likely lose in court if he was sued for killing the $1.28 billion, 61.5-mile project. (St.Pete Times, Saturday July 2.2011-

Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida Tea Party, said that Scott’s decision was “influenced by big-money lobbyists” and that the governor “failed to deliver on his promises.” (St.Pete Times, Saturday July 2.2011-

“For one thing, the train was leaving the station before he took office. The Legislature approved it with overwhelming, bipartisan majorities in both houses, and the measure was signed by Gov. Charlie Crist. Scott froze the contracts earlier this year, saying he needed time to vet the details. At the time, lawmakers, including Senate Budget Chair J.D. Alexander, reiterated their support for the project and said he ought to release the money. For his part, Scott kept the money in his budget proposal.” (Florida Independent, Saturday July 2, 2011


Health care freedom amendment proposed for Florida

Floridians will have the opportunity to vote for “health care freedom” next year. The Florida Health Care Freedom Act, a constitutional amendment initiative, will appear on the 2012 Florida general election ballot. The amendment, “Proposes creation of s. 28, Art. I of State Constitution to prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person or employer…