South Dakota House Again Wimps Out Against ObamaCare

The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee got a second chance this week to strike a blow for South Dakota against the unconstitutional ObamaCare legislation with HB 1165. The committee had a chance last week with HB 1088, but chose to listen to liberal talking points and voted the bill down.

The language of “nullification” and its subsequent demonization by the Left who have tried to illegitimately tie it to 19th Century pro-slavery sentiments managed to scare the “Republicans” on the House State Affairs Committee a couple of weeks ago.

Therefore, bill sponsor Rep. Laura Hubbel talked of the duty of the states to interpose between oppressive federal laws and the people of the states. She pointed out that history has already seen state efforts to resist unconstitutional federal action.

Interposition is a legal way of responding to an illegal act by our government.  An example of this was the unconstitutional Alien and Sedition Acts passed while John Adams was president.


Act Now: SD Health Care Freedom Act Introduced

The following email alert went out from the South Dakota Tea Party Alliance yesterda morning:

(Pierre) – The Health Care Freedom Act was introduced yesterday afternoon to nullify the worst parts of ObamaCare in South Dakota.

Officially numbered HB 1088, this important bill recognizes the state’s right to protect its citizens from unconstitutional health care requirements imposed by the federal government.  If passed, HB 1088 would nullify the mandate forcing you to purchase certain insurance.  The bill would also nullify any federal laws restricting your right choose your doctor or health care plan.

The Health Care Freedom Act has already been scheduled for its first vote in the House State Affairs committee.  The fact that it is up for a vote so quickly is not a good sign, and may indicate that Majority Leader David Lust and House Speaker Val Rausch intend to kill the bill.  Please take action right away!


Obama Admin: We Lied, Health Care Mandate IS a Tax

Remember when the socialists were telling us all the lies about their unconstitutional government health care bill? Remember the lies about how we supposedly weren’t going to be required to buy health insurance…even though their law clearly says we will?

Even though their bill has a new payroll deduction systemto rob you before you even get a chance to see all the money you’ve earned?

Remember how socialists like Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) insisted this new government requirement for you to fork over your money for health care insurance you may not want isn’t a tax?

Well, now that they have their way, the socialists are starting to admit that, yes, it is a tax.


SD Governor Rounds Signs Firearms Freedom Act into Law

The South Dakota Legislature recently passed SB 89 which declares “exempt from federal regulation any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in South Dakota.” Now, a little more than a week later, South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds has signed the bill into law. The bill is the latest of many crafted in states…


South Dakota Legislature Passes Firearms Freedom Act

A bill that declares “exempt from federal regulation any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in South Dakota” passed in the South Dakota House of Representatives yesterday. SB89 was approved by a 49-19 vote. The bill had already passed the state Senate on Feb. 18 with a 29-4 vote. The bill states it…