New Jersey lawmakers to consider health care nullification

On Tuesday, Assemblywoman Alison L. McHose (R-Sussex County) introduced a bill that would render the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act null and void in in the state of New Jersey.

A4155 not only refers to the unconstitutional nature of PPACA, but also speaks to the proper role of the federal government in relation to the states:

The Legislature finds and declares that:

a. The people of the several states comprising the United States of America created the federal government to be their agent for certain enumerated purposes, and nothing more;

b. Amendment X to the United States Constitution defines the total scope of federal power as being that which has been delegated by the people of the several states t o the federal government, and all power not delegated to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States is reserved to the states respectively, or to the people themselves;

c. The assumption of power that the federal government has made by enacting the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” interferes with the right of the people of the State of New Jersey to regulate health care as they see fit, and makes a mockery of James Madison’s assurance in Number 45 of the Federalist Papers that the “powers delegated” to the federal government are “few and defined,” while those of the states are “numerous and indefinite”; and

d. The federal act is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violates its true meaning and intent as given by its founders and ratifiers, and is hereby declared 


DOJ Threat to Texas is a Threat to ALL

This threat to Texas is aimed at all of us.
You may be aware of what is happening in Texas now with regard to their anti-TSA bill and the new threat from the federal government. Pressure from the public can make a difference! Let’s show Texas we’re with them in this fight!

It’s vitally important for the public to realize the falsehood of the TSA and DOJ’s use of the Supremacy Clause to justify their actions. Federal “laws” arising from outside the delegated powers in the Constitution are not made “in pursuance thereof” and therefore are simply not the supreme law of the land. They would also have us believe the supremacy clause gives them the ability to dismiss our Fourth Amendment rights. The Federal Government will prevail only if We the People allow it. Stand with Texas now.

Informational links and New Jersey’s anti-TSA legislation summary are below.


NJ Nullification Project and Tom Woods Event

Our NJ Nullification project is moving out of development and into practice.                The purpose is to educate the citizens of NJ on State Nullification and why it must be used to protect our liberty.  Our Legislators are very much part of this endeavor. Partners in this effort include Tea Party and 912 Groups who are equally determined to spread this message statewide. 

This effort involves nullification power point presentations to groups around NJ,  use of media including Youtube videos, BlogTalk Radio and all other forms of communication.   Your voice is extremely important in helping us spread the word.  Please do what you can to help us promote State Nullification by contacting your legislators, calling radio shows, writing to local newspapers, etc….


Help Wanted

NJTAC is working with NJ Liberty, Tea Party, and 9-12 groups, etc…, in an effort to educate people about nullification.  This statewide project is in development now.  We also need to ensure a victory for our “Constitutional” candidates in the NJ legislature elections this year!   8 districts have been identified as ‘target’ districts.   This work starts now if we want to…