Will the Tenth Amendment shoot down Commerce Clause Abuse?

The Firearms Freedom Act movement has been at the forefront of the Tenth Amendment Movement for some time now. Good to see Gary Marbut – author of the original bill that first passed in Montana, then 7 other states, get some mainstream media coverage. From the Wall Street Journal: Gary Marbut, 65, lives alone outside…


My letter to the TSA. And their response

I wrote a letter to the TSA about there Keystone cops antics;
Subject: Northwest Florida Regional Airport
From: “Dennis Bamford”
Date: Mon, June 27, 2011 5:22 am
To: “TSA-”
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How far is the TSA going to go in making our country look like morons?


TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz told the newspaper she could not address
specific cases, but noted that agents treat all passengers the same to
ensure national security.

“TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from
intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit
that vulnerability,” she said

And now we have 95yr olds from Florida being called terrorists!? common on
guys,your supposed to be our best and brightest. The job that your doing
is thankless because you make it that way,TSA agents should be able to
access the person that is in front of them and make the call by which that
person is handled.


Justifiable Nullification!

“If you connect the notion of Rights to that of personnel interest,which is the only immutable point in the human heart,then the only way to govern is through fear”. I believe that was John Adams.

And fear is the way that the federal government likes to rule,we’re all terrorist so they have to grope and man-handle you and your loved ones,new labels on cigarettes with graphic pictures on them to scare you not to smoke,the drug war has made anyone that that wants a little relief from certain aliments that  the use of marijuna helps relieve,a criminal,the new rules from the FDA,FCC,EPA are all meant to scare you into thinking that “OH MY GOD IF WE DON’T PASS THIS….”then we’re all going to died or be destitute.



Did the Anti-Federalists have a crystal ball?

No,I don’t think they did, these men knew human nature , declaring there independence from a monarchy made them well aware of the tryanny that absolute power derives.

The Anti-Federalist were fighting to keep the ”Spirit of 76″ alive and incorporate it into the Constitution and they would have, if they had a better publisher then the Federalist did,but that isn’t the case and we are all quoting the Federalist papers instead,which gives us the bases for all our princples that we stand on when we are trying to convey our discontent with the federal gov’t.

And so the fight with the Fed. has been going on even before Mr.Jefferson put the first words on parchment with his quill.Here are just some of the reason the Anti-Federalist gave against a central gov’t

This is George Mason (The Father of the Bill of Rights) on the notion that lesser government bodies(the states) could effectively share sovernignty with a central power”two concurrent powers cannot exist long together;the one will destroy the other.” I like this one ,it just says An Old Whig wrote” There is a spirit of rivalship in power which will not suffer two suns to shine in the same firmament;one will speedily darken the other,and the individual states will be as totally eclipsed as the stars in the meridian blaze of the sun”