Colorado Continues the Fight for Water Rights Against Federal Power

Colorado residents have been trying to find a remedy from the National Forestry Service’s grab over water rights since 2011. Senator Jerry Sonnenberg has been introducing legislation to combat the feds over this very thing since 2013, and has continued his fight for water rights against eminent domain since 2007. His latest bill, SB064, continues the fight against the federal government’s complete disregard to property rights protected by the state Constitution.


Knowledge is Power: Cheat Sheet of Federal Surveillance Laws and Orders

In the “Era of Terror,” we are bombarded with justifications of domestic surveillance. Even after a year of Snowden Revelations and analysis, all of the laws and orders justifying warratless spying remain a tangled web.

Below is a list of the major documents used for domestic surveillance.


The Constitution and Just War

As President Obama authorizes US airstrikes in Iraq and future strikes anticipated for Syria, it’s important to first ask whether or not the Constitution is being followed. The invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan, and drone strikes in multiple other countries has increased terrorism through blowback. Destabilized areas have become a hot bed for violent extremism.…