Federal Government Fails to Limit the Federal Government and Protect Privacy…Again

It seems more and more apparent that all of the people waiting for federal courts to protect their privacy will decay into cobweb covered skeletons before the courts actually limit the power of the federal surveillance state.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected what Reuters called “a test case on privacy in the digital age.” The nine justices declined to weigh in on whether police need to obtain search warrants to examine cellphone location information held by wireless carriers.


Debate Over Reforming Asset Forfeiture Laws in Tennessee Heats Up; Beware of Feds

NASHVILLE (Nov. 3, 2015) – Tennessee has joined the growing number of states considering reforming state asset forfeiture laws.

Last week, the state Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the matter, and law enforcement lobbyists predictably showed up in force to defend their ability to “police for profit.”


Florida Bill Would Fully Decriminalize Marijuana; Effectively Nullify Federal Prohibition

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Nov. 2, 2015) – Two bills introduced in the Florida legislature would remove cannabis from the state’s schedule of controlled substances, treating marijuana like any other plant under state law. The proposal would not only completely decriminalize marijuana in the Sunshine State, it would also take a big step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in practice in Florida.


Pennsylvania Bill Takes on “Policing for Profit” via Asset Forfeiture

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Oct. 22, 2015) – A bill under consideration in the Pennsylvania Senate would reform asset forfeiture laws to prohibit the state from taking property without a criminal conviction in most cases. The legislation also takes on federal forfeiture programs by banning prosecutors from circumventing state laws by passing cases off to the feds.