Georgia Action Alert: Help Nullify Federal Marijuana Prohibition, Support HB722, SB254 and SR6

Three Georgia bills active during 2016 would set the foundation to nullify federal marijuana prohibition in practice. HB722 would legalize medical marijuana. SB254 would decriminalize simple possession of marijuana. SR6 would allow the voters to approve the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.


Georgia Action Alert: Help Nullify Some FDA Regulations, Support HB34

Georgia HB34 would effectively nullify some FDA regulations that block treatments from terminally-ill patients. PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS – It doesn’t matter where you live in the state, please follow all these steps to support this bill. 1. Contact your state representative.  Strongly, but respectfully urge them to cosponsor and support (BILL). A phone call has 10x the…


Health Care Freedom of Choice Constitutional Amendment – It is Time Georgia

The Citizens of the State of Georgia need to make their voices heard in this moment of history.

Washington D.C. has felt it appropriate to make its influence known in every county across these States United. It behooves The People to stand up in defense of the rights and liberties which were secured to us in the Constitution of the United States. In the name of general welfare and safety, the federal legislation machine manufactures and spits out unconstitutional laws in order to control us in the realms of  healthcare, gun ownership, education and property rights to name just a few.

Judge Andrew Napolitano stated a truth for the people to stand on in a commentary concerning President’s Day:

All presidents but Jefferson have argued that their first job was to keep us safe. All presidents but Jefferson were wrong. If you read the Constitution, you will see that the President’s first job – as Jefferson understood well – is to keep us free.

And The People are standing… The calls for nullification of  many over-reaching unconstitutional federal laws can be heard throughout the country and are now daily news. The nullification naysayers, as well, continue their dribble at the risk of their own liberty and freedom.