Nullification 101: George Nicholas at the Virginia Ratifying Convention

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“In like manner, these conditions will be binding on Congress. They can exercise no power that is not expressly granted them.”

This makes up some of the foundational principles of nullification.


Nullification Going Mainstream in Republican Party Platform?

With the Political Industrial Complex thriving, factions (i.e. political parties) are busy selecting their candidates and crafting their platforms.  It is a profitable time for lobbyists, PACs, media outlets, pollsters and pundits, sign makers and more. But with all of the noise, people often overlook the deep roots of the various platforms factions produce. This year there is actually some good news in the Republican platform – some endorsements of nullification.


What I Should Have Said During the Radio Interview: Don’t Check that Box!

Over the weekend, I was on Gun Freedom Radio and had one of those annoying experiences that come up from time to time in live interviews. I realized how I should have answered a question about two minutes after the show was over. I’m sharing it here because it’s an important lesson in personal nullification.