Blockbuster Paper Sheds New Light on Nullification and Response to Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions

A blockbuster scholarly article published in the Winter 2015 edition of Journal of the Early Republic shines new light on the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, debunking conventional wisdom holding that every state rejected Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s principles of nullification and interposition.


Demagogue Chris Matthews’ Latest Cheap Shots at Nullification

It seems like we can’t go one day without another fact-free, historically-illiterate, unhinged rant from MSNBC’s top Obama stooge Chris Matthews.

A recent screed took shots at nullification and featured all of the usual absurdities, tying it in with racists and confederates. Desperate to protect his lord and savior Obama during a time that his presidency is plagued with scandal and incompetency, he comes out with the all-too-familiar canard that anyone pushing back against his agenda is a ‘racist.’