by Cheryl Couture/SWFL 9.12 Project

Support for the Tenth Amendment was strong  in Naples, FL the evening of Aug. 17th.  Matt  Hudson, Representative for Florida’s 101st  District,   informed a packed room of citizens  about House Memorial 19.  HM19 urges Congress to honor the provisions of the Constitution of  the United States and the United States Supreme  Court case law which limit the scope and  exercise of federal power.

Rep. Hudson went on  to explain that HM19 serves as a notice and a  demand by the people of the state of Florida as  expressed through their legislature to the  Federal Government to cease and desist from  going beyond the scope of and issuing mandates   beyond  it’s constitutionally delegated powers. It also reasserts Florida’s sovereignty under the  10th Amendment to the Constitution of the   United States. 

Rep. Hudson encouraged the audience to fight  back against this federal power-grab!  He asked  Floridians to go to and sign up  to become citizen co-sponsors, share the website  with other Floridians, and phone and write Florida  representatives and senators encouraging them  to support HM19.

In addition, Rep. Hudson  asked the audience to go to to the Legislative Tracker and sign up for HM19.  If the bill is heard in committee, those signed  up with be notified so they can put an alert out to  call their phone tree and to flood the committee  members with phone calls and emails.

Those who sign up to track HM19 will also be  notified of committee meetings and floor sessions  that relate to HM19 so they can watch the  meetings and sessions on a live broadcast on the  internet.

For more information about HM19  contact FL Rep. Matt Hudson at: .

The Counsel  for Constitutional Principles sponsored the  meeting. Members for the SWFL 9.12 Project and  Naples Tea Party were also in attendance.

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