“As Constitution day approaches…” (FYI, it’s this Thursday, September 17th!) – that’s the headline of Kay B. Day’s new article on The US Report.

Here’s an excerpt:

September 17 is Constitution Day, so it seems appropriate that states are rallying in an effort to combat a federal government expanding beyond its historically legal powers. Two bills, HR 2454 and healthcare legislation in progress, will affect the daily lives of every American. A columnist at The Tenth Amendment Center said the states have a ‘nuclear option’ on healthcare—nullification.

And a little more:

Though most think of the term ‘nullification’ as relevant to the War Between the States, it’s a little- discussed option for states to preserve sovereignty. “If and when President Obama forces through his health care bill, it could trigger a backlash already simmering at the state level that neither he nor his colleagues in Congress seem to have seriously contemplated: a popular push for state level nullification,” said Eboch.

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Michael Boldin