My viewpoint from the stands of the partisan playing field has afforded me an interesting perspective over the past year.  12 months ago, those on the Right were demonized as inhuman Nazis, hellbent on the enslavement of mankind and all the world’s children.  These days?  It’s the Left that I keep hearing about.  Apparently, the Left are a bunch of inhuman Nazis, hellbent on the enslavement of mankind and all the world’s children.

What’s going on here?  It’s as if the teams have just switched sides, with the tactics and rhetoric used by one side now in the hands of the other.

Average Americans, Nazis?  Really?

If the 10th movement is to succeed, it must reach out to the Left.  I’ve written this before and I’m convinced that it is so.

So how does one reach out to a maniacal, freedom hating socialist pig anyway?

Start by realizing that what the Democratic leadership thinks and what the guy on the street thinks are totally different.  It is the notion of compassion, of caring for others (or the planet as a whole) that sells concepts like Obamacare, Cap N Trade and yes, even the Iraq war (we were supposed to be LIBERATING and FREEING those people, remember?).  Remove this veil of compassion and brotherly love and…VOILA!  All that remains is what we Tenthers see- a bunch or power-mad egomaniacs who probably enjoy their daydreams about Joe Slob and his family toiling while the political class continues to dine on $100 hamburgers in DC.

Carry this understanding of the misled minions of the Democrats with you.  When you feel the urge to spit on your Leftist coworker, you might instead try appealing to their sense of compassion.  One day, they will see what we Tenthers see- that restoring freedom and liberty is the most compassionate act there is.