Sabre rattling about Iran’s nuclear program was once again everywhere in the corporate media last week.  Despite sounding strangely familiar it was Obama’s administration this time, perceived by many as an ‘anti-war’ candidate before the general election last year.

So much for that.

Many have analyzed the Iran nuclear scenario and can find no motive other than defense for their nuclear weapons program, fictional or actual.  When one tries to imagine how Iran would benefit from nuking another nation, even Israel, there simply isn’t anything that emerges.  Sure, there is the usual trotting out of that VERY loosely translated ‘wipe Israel off the map’ speech and claims that the Mullahs are so psycho that they would nuke at the first opportunity, but both of these arguments lack logic and historical precedent.

As has been stated by many a rational observer, one only has to examine DC’s policies towards the otherwise Iran-esque Islamic nuclear power, Pakistan (our…friend…) to see that the Iranians stand to enjoy quite a victory if they can develop a nuke, without ever even arming it.

So why does the Federal government continue to ignore the sovereignty of other states like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan?  One only has to look at domestic policy for a consistent track record.  Federal disregard for sovereign states shouldn’t surprise, considering the Federal policies that have trampled upon the sovereignty of the United States for decades.

For those that oppose adventurism and empire building, the 10th amendment movement is a natural fit.  If one opposes the invasion of Iraq, they should find equivalent intellectual motivation to oppose, say, the recent attack on Oklahoma’s sovereignty.  The strongman routine suddenly looks a little different in this context- when  DC’s bullying is shown to be not only directed at nations around the world, but also at our United States.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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