No, I am not referring to some mafia family, I am referring to your federal government. There are a lot of similarities between between those in charge in Washington DC, compared with the worst mafias in history.

There are several enterprises that any mafia partakes in; drug trafficking, arms trafficking, loan sharking, control of contracting, and protection/extortion rackets. Sadly, there is not a single criminal activity that the federal government does not partake in.

For starters, there is the protection/extortion racket with the IRS.  Someone needs to pay for the empire to fight all these wars to protect, what they call democracy and freedom (they really mean fascism). You should be grateful to have been hand selected at birth to give up half your paycheck when you come of age. Just don’t opt out of their protection services or they will come look for you, and possibly kidnap you.

Next, we have the control of contracts with the Federal Reserve Bank (which by the way consists of private member banks, but uses government selected officials as cover).  The Federal Reserve Bank which has a monopoly on the counterfeiting of the dollar, gets a piece of every transaction (or contract) conducted.

That’s because they also get away with running a debt based pyramid scheme, called fractional reserve banking.  Dollars are printed out of thin air and then lent out to member banks (at interest), who then loan out 90% of this money to someone else (at interest).  When the money gets deposited, 90% is lent out again (at interest). So the pyramid grows, and so does the debt.

Then, we have loan sharking with the federal government’s involvement with the IMF.  The IMF’s sole purpose is to loan money to foreign governments and then influence their politics with threats and blackmail.  Just look at what happened to Argentina in 2001 .

How about arms trafficking and pushing?  I think the Iran/Contra scandal of 1986 answers that one. You might want to also ask Israel where they received all their military weapons. The military industrial complex is always hard at work seeking another weapon to kill us all (or at least scare us into submission to give them more money).

Lastly, is the drug trafficking and pushing of the CDC, FDA, and others.  God forbid we can’t decide for ourselves what substances we can put into our own bodies. Instead we have groups of people picking what gets into the water supply, pharmacy, doctor’s office, and store shelves. They are happy to shove mercury, fluoride, and untested vaccines into your bodies. They are also happy to keep the drug war alive so they can have a monopoly on the market. Don’t let them catch you using a substance they don’t approve of either, or you will be kidnapped.

The question is how many innocent people will these thugs kill, hurt, or steal from to advance their racket? When will we enforce the rule of law on the government’s criminal activities?

Rod Grice
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