Whether the war is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan or the many places our government decided to interfere with, there is only one known.  INNOCENT PEOPLE are always hurt or killed.  I will repeat that again since people always tend to forget, INNOCENT PEOPLE are always hurt or killed in war.

Conservatives and liberals alike can be blamed for this.  Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike can be blamed for this.  Ignorance and discrimination are the root cause of this.  All in the name of peace or God.  All in the name of right or wrong, or good verses evil.  It is an eternal trap that society can not escape.

Every time an innocent person is killed on one side, someone wants revenge.  Every time that person or group seeks revenge, more innocent people are killed on the other side.  The cycle never ends.

I wish Americans would stop for a second and ask why we are always at war.  Ask yourself are you more free or more afraid?  Some people demand more security to protect us.  This security directly conflicts with personal liberty.  So now even more innocent people are caught up in destructive path of war.

Most Americans see war as a place we send our troops off to and never have to see first hand what goes on.  However, the destructive power of war always hits home and leads to a society that is less free and less prosperous.  Our economy is robbed of resources that could be used for the production of goods and services. Instead resources are wasted on bombs.

antiwar-logo-webSo why do people support war if it has so many negative effects on society.  Why do people not care about the loss of our liberties, or wealth?  How can people justify killing innocent people for the sake of revenge?  Why do Christians, Muslims, and Jews overlook their moral obligations to respect life by destroying it.  Why would anyone embrace such destruction?  Please ask yourself the next time your government tries to incite more military action.

Liberty can only be achieved by respecting the individual lives around you.  Please bring our troops home!

Rod Grice
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