Obama supporters come in all shapes and sizes, but none more socially powerful than the iconic Oprah Winfrey.  Last week Oprah did a segment on Denmark, perhaps in a bid to pump up support for Obamacare.

The people of Denmark are said to have some of the highest numbers recorded in terms of citizen satisfaction polls, a fact that was central to the segment on ‘Oprah’.  Medical care was a significant focus of the report.  Denmark has instituted a universal healthcare system, similar to the myth of Obamacare currently being peddled.  People in Denmark are happy and healthy, so national healthcare is obviously a good idea…right?  Right?

Michael Moore touted French health care, British health care and Cuban health care as models of a society where everyone is healthy and therefore more productive.  The proponents of Obama’s plan serve this notion every chance they get.  There’s just one tiny problem…

Denmark has a population of around 5 million people, total.  That’s HALF the size of LOS ANGELES.  France, 61 million.  Britain, 55 million.  The United States has around 300 million, making the Denmark analogy a joke and the France/Britain example comparable to California, not our entire republic.

There’s a a pretty short list of healthcare models that present relevant case studies for those analyzing Obama’s proposal and it becomes immediately clear why they have not been mentioned by the Obama cheerleaders.  The most pertinent historical example of a massive healthcare system would likely be the USSR at roughly 275 million patients, a talking point that doesn’t exactly help Obama’s case.

For a more realistic preview of what such a massive health care bureaucracy would resemble, just take a look at the excellent article by Yuri Maltsev, “What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us”.  Someone might want to email the link to Oprah…

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