Many times in the world of political struggle, promises are made without disclosure of an ulterior motive.  Not so with the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10-4 Pledge and many are already picking up on what this new tool means for the republic.

Last week, Rusty Richter, a state candidate in Michigan, became one of the latest to take a courageous stand for liberty as he eschewed politics as usual by becoming a “10-4 Candidate”.  We at TAC have been closely watching the response from average folks as each 10-4 pledge emerges, because without someone to use it even the most effective tool is irrelevant.

I was very pleased to find that almost immediately after Mr. Richter signed the 10-4 pledge there was activity on twitter- messages from folks in Michigan who were clearly aware of our new tool and excited to have a candidate that they felt they could stand behind confidently, knowing that the tough requirements set forth by the 10-4 left little unsaid.

Originally, our fear was that TOO MANY of those asked would sign, a strange thing to set as a goal for a project, but we wanted to be sure that only the select few who not only talked the talk but also walked the walk stood out after giving their pledge.

As a result of our no-compromises approach, we now have activists in a dozen states heading up efforts to get the 10-4 in front of every candidate and incumbent for both Federal and State offices.

Pledges in each state have already found that they immediately become highly visible champions of the people and in turn gain the support of the liberty community.  Their colleagues on the other hand, the typical teflon men of politics, stand with mouths agape wondering “How can I get that kind of rabid support??”

The answer is simple Mr Teflon, you only need to stand with the people.