Any discussion of reclaiming freedom in America is pointless without an accurate understanding of how our rights were lost in the first place. The Real Lincoln, Professor Thomas DiLorenzo’s controversial book on the subject, makes a compelling case that it was Abraham Lincoln himself who set us on our present course.

From the book’s foreword by Walter E. Williams:

The War between the States settled by force whether states could secede. Once it was established that states cannot secede, the federal government, abetted by a Supreme Court unwilling to hold it to its constitutional restraints, was able to run amok over states’ rights, so much so that the protections of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean little or nothing today.


Since its publication in 2002, there have been many supposed rebuttals of The Real Lincoln, but none that credibly addresses damning historical evidence of the war’s origins, President Lincoln’s motives, or his documented usurpation of constitutional liberty.

Contrary to assertions by Lincoln apologists and the man himself, no serious person could believe that the founders, having just won a war of secession over England prior to writing our Constitution, ever intended the Union to nullify the sovereignty of the states or constitutional liberties to be suspended at the whim of the first chief executive who found them politically inexpedient.

But as DiLorenzo and history make clear, Lincoln did not fight the bloodiest war of the nineteenth century, against his own people and at a cost of 620,000 American lives, to free the slaves. He fought it to set a precedent of federal supremacy over the states. And in the process turned his apparent belief that the ends justify the means into federal dogma.

The Real Lincoln offers perhaps the most lucid diagnosis to date of the disease of centralization that is currently devouring the soul of this country. The principles of the Tenth Amendment and federalism are its only cure.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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