Forget everything you know about politics.  Forget the age old story about the Democrats and the Republicans, where one side is good and the other side are a bunch of America hating vats of pure evil.  Forget about the left vs right debate, forget about conservative vs liberal.  At this stage in the game, there are only two sides;

Those who support the further growth of a centralized authoritarian state and those who oppose them.

That’s it.  There are your teams, which one are you playing for?

In the wake of the liberty revolution, there are many active groups doing good things to oppose centralized tyranny.  They go by many names:  the 912ers, the TEA Partiers, Campaign for Liberty, GOOOH, We Surround Them and of course our own Tenthers.  These groups are all playing for the same team.  Their backgrounds and tactics may be entirely different, but as members of any number of these groups, we must all keep the big picture in mind.

We are all on the same side.

Too often I hear about meetings of these different groups where there is a clamoring for control, where there are too many chiefs and not enough soldiers.  This must stop.

When members of almost every group mentioned above found their way to Washington DC on September 12th, the estimated number of people present was not tallied as “300,000 GOOOH, 200,000 C4L, 800,000 912ers etc”.  The number was simply 1.7 million people, all ready to fight tyranny and whether they knew it or not, all on the same side.

Let us learn to accept those who come from different ideologies, political parties, lifestyles and parts of the country.  For me, the only thing I need to know about you at this point is this-

Are you with me, or are you with Big Brother?

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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