Republicrats-742810Who has grown the federal government more in the last 70 years, big government R or big government D? Who has regulated away more of your liberty, red big government or blue big government?

Who Cares!!!

The point is the two parties have learned to collude together to continually grow their power and diminish individual liberty. This is hard to admit because we feel like one party or the other used to be great and if we stick with it we can fix it. To me, this is similar to a battered spouse saying “other than getting drunk and beating me up once a week he/she is a great person.” I say it is time to end this abusive relationship and admit the two parties have failed liberty long ago.

Now that we are ready to restore constitutional liberty, the threatened centralized powers warn us if we, citizen legislators, run for legislative office it will fracture the red big government vote we will get too much of the blue big government.

Did you notice there is NO CHOICE FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT OR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY? Are we not supposed to notice or be afraid to say something? Should we listen to their lies one more time and hope this time it works out?

I say it is time to fracture the big government vote. They are not invincible. Big government is defeatable. We the people are the only ones who can fail liberty. Citizens are stepping forward now in states across the country. Find liberty minded candidates in your state. Support them and not your failed relationship with a big party.

Scott Guenthner
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