Most people have strong feelings about gay marriage. The idea of same sex unions is a topic that places various moral values in direct conflict, a recipe for violent struggle time and time again throughout history. As supporters of state sovereignty, however, those who rally around the 10th Amendment should find it easy to reach a consensus on one main point- that the Federal government has no place in the discussion.

The fact that DC politicians, who care only for themselves and increasing their own power, have the audacity to involve themselves in a choice as personal as marriage should be an affront to anyone who values liberty and individual freedom. Marriage is an issue that should be discussed at family dinner tables, in churches or anywhere close friends come together- NOT in the halls of congress.

As with the Republican and Democrat categories, it matters not whether someone is a liberal, conservative, gay or straight in this fight to reclaim our republic. The only pertinent question is this: Does a given person or group stand against the further centralization of power in Washington DC, or do they stand with Big Brother and the forces who seek to control and make personal decisions for us?

As a group of people who have ample experience dealing with diminished personal privileges, it is a natural fit for gay rights advocates to join this battle against those who seek to impede the freedoms of all Americans.

Last week in California, John Perez became the first openly gay official to lead any state legislature, in fact declining an opportunity to join the CA senate in order to do so. Though not heralded as widely as our first female speaker of the US house or our first black President, this milestone opens the door for a new chapter in the battle against Federal overreach. A new opportunity has emerged for gay rights activists to rally around this state leader and demand sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. If that opportunity is taken, all Americans, both homosexual and heterosexual, will reap the benefits.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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