I’m no Fox News supporter, in fact I regard them as largely an organization that is bad for journalism. This being said, I find it interesting that establishment news hosts who have attacked Fox News and continue to do so on a regular basis have ironically taken up the same tactics of biased reporting and misinformation that they allege of Fox News. Many reports on national healthcare have been particularly egregious.

One news source that has not been seduced by national health care mania is the excellent podcast ‘Counterspin’, which recently ran a segment on the reality of the Congressional proposal. One key point made by journalist Trudy Leiberman confirmed what has already been brought to the attention of those not immersed in establishment propaganda- that most Americans don’t realize that they would be required under penalty of law to purchase health coverage that DC chose for them.

Contrast that coverage with the so-called journalism going on at MSNBC, which night after night has been reporting on the health care plan with a painfully obvious bias that completely bypasses the question of whether or not the health care proposal is beneficial for American families. The inference that the congressional healthcare bill is a positive development is obvious to anyone with an open mind who watches the Maddow and Olbermann broadcasts of late.

Instead of providing the American people with the tools they need to make up their minds regarding the nature of such a massive nationalization scheme, MSNBC hosts have instead resorted to bashing any and all who oppose it, characterizing them (falsely) as nothing more than operatives of the Republican party.

Alas, those who claim to channel Murrow and the golden age of objective journalism have seemingly embraced the same tactics of biased reporting that they have cited in demonizing Fox News the past 8 years.

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