Maryland, yes…Maryland, will be added to the list of states where State Sovereignty legislation will be introduced during 2010. Senator Alex Mooney is planning to introduce  the legislation on Monday evening (1/18/10) in the MD Senate.

Sen. Mooney publically announced his intent to introduce this legislation on “The Forgotten Men” radio show on December 19, 2009. Coincidentally, the special guests on the show that day were TN State Representative Susan Lynn and Michael Boldin, Director of The Tenth Amendment Center.

Upon receiving notice of the legislation’s planned introduction on Friday, January 15, 2010, Boldin stated, “Nearly a century of constant federal overreach into the affairs of the state and the people have left this country on the brink of tyranny.  While non-binding, resolutions such as this are an essential first step towards pushing the federal government into its constitutional box.  Not only do they bring a discussion of the proper role of government into the public sphere, but if passed, they create fertile ground for the essential next step in state-level resistance: nullification and interposition.”

I tip my hat to Sen. Mooney and the bill’s co-sponsors and thank them for taking an important step on behalf of the people of Maryland. Press on my fellow Marylanders – because for us and our posterity…there WILL be LIBERTY!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Also being introduced is a sovereignty resolution in the House of Delegates.

CLICK HERE to view the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10th amendment resolution tracking page

CLICK HERE to view the Tenth Amendment Center’s model 10th Amendment Resolution, which you can send to your representatives when urging them to introduce one in your state.

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