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On February 17th, 2010, citizens from counties all around Maryland met in Annapolis to support SJ1: Maryland Sovereignty Under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, introduced by Sen. Alex Mooney. Del. Michael Smigiel has introduced a similar resolution (HJ2) in the MD House of Delegates.

Maryland joins the growing number of States that have introduced non-partisan State Sovereignty resolutions. While a resolution doesn’t carry the force law, it nevertheless delivers a message; A message that firmly supports what the framers intended.

There was standing room only while a panel of six citizens provided testimony and more than 50 citizens filled the Budget and Taxation committee hearing room.

The panel consisted of:

Blaine Young – Newly appointed Frederick County Commissioner and radio talk show host
Scott Guenthner – Outspoken supporter of State Sovereignty and citizen statesmen running for MD State Delegate seat
Michael Hough – Representative of Americal Legislative Exchange Council
Kathy Afzali – Frederick County resident and running for MD State Delegate seat
Mark Kreslins – Co-host of ‘The Forgotten Men’ radio show and co-founder of WST Frederick
Joshua Lyons – Co-host of ‘The Forgotten Men’ radio show and co-founder of WST Frederick

Click HERE for a map showing what states have introduced State Sovereignty resolutions.

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