LibertyTorchSmokeRecently, Republican Congressman Tom Rooney from Florida’s 16th congressional district filed HR 1006, which is a statement of support for the 10th amendment to the Constitution.

While I agree with Congressman Rooney that Congress should respect the 10th amendment and states’ rights, I find it disquieting that Congress needs to pass a bill that is a show of support for part of the Constitution. Shouldn’t Congress respect all parts of the Constitution? I think it is time that “We the People” start asserting our 9th and 10th amendment rights.

Here in Florida we’re very lucky to be ahead of the curve on these issues – especially because of the courage and vision of people in our State House like Carey Baker and Scott Plakon.

State Senator Carey Baker is the Senate sponsor of the three bills known as the freedom papers (see and Scott Plakon is the sponsor in the House. Along with Rooney, these men have put Florida on the frontline in this battle.

When more states and more legislatures get the courage to stand up to Uncle Sam, our liberty may survive. If, however, the federal government continues, under Republican and Democratic administrations, to grow at an exponetial rate and violate the Constitution we are doomed.

It is up to us, the citizens and the grassroots activists, to get involved and stay involved while recruiting and educating new activists. We MUST be more informed political consumers. We must learn the Constitution and hold our elected officials accountable to it. We must question our elected officials and candidates about the constitutionality of the legislation they propose and on which they vote.

Most importantly, we need to elect people to our States Houses that know the Constitution and appreciate the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution. The State House is often overlooked as a check to the federal governments ability to overstep it’s Constitutional bounds.

Now that a 10th Amendment resolution has been introduced into the Congress it gives us a chance to fight for the 10th amendment on two fronts. We can pressure our federal elected officials in Congress and our states elected officials in our state capitols. It’s going to be a hard fight and our liberty and the future of this great country are on the line but I believe we can win.

I hope that everyone that reads this blog becomes an evangelical advocate for the 10th amendment and legislation like HR 1006 and the bills in the Florida State House and Senate HM 19/SM 96, HB 21/SB 98, and HJR 37/SJR 72.

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