Can we finally agree that in general, “Obama” isn’t at issue and we could honestly care less who he is or what he supposedly represents, or where he was born for that matter.

I’m honestly disgusted and more than tired of the name calling in response to opposition to democratic ideas. What are you people twelve?

Neither myself nor anyone I run with really cares if “The President” is black, white, purple or green. I don’t care that he’s a socialist. I don’t care that he’s a finely groomed show dog for the Chicago Democrats. He isn’t the first and most certainly won’t be the last. As for being the leader of the free world, I think it’s pretty obvious to all the planet, he’s a non-issue or no threat. And that doesn’t really bother me either.

Maybe the Republican machine is doing everything they can to neutralize (politically) this president. So….. The Democrats and liberals didn’t hammer Bush at every opportunity? Uh….Pot, let me introduce you to Kettle. Besides, in my opinion, he’s contributing more than enough to grant himself a balcony seat in the annuls of history. Congress is at war with the American People. What’s the bigger headline?

Before you go thinking I just don’t care about anything, here’s what I do care about as a contributing member of this great republic. I care about criminal behavior exhibited by my elected representatives. I care about unconstitutional laws. I care about a private bank controlling the economy of my country. I care about lying, thieving, power hungry, infantile, entitlement selling jack asses selling off my rights to the highest bidder. I care about our youth fighting and dying in foreign lands for the enrichment of political coffers. I care about Truth.

The truth is, the majority of “We the People” according to polls, don’t want this healthcare bill. The truth is, our elected representatives, against our wishes, are probably going to pass this bill in secret and damn the consequences. The truth is, there is legislation pending in several sovereign states to take back the power the federal government thinks it has. And the truth is, you can have every social program for the betterment of mankind you want, by voting on and enacting laws at the state level and keep within constitutional law.


Tom Verne
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