As we start a New Year and decade, individuals look to the past to reflect and to the future for hope. For a nation there are moments in time that are pivotal, where decisions will forge a path for the future and destiny for generations to come. We are living in one of those moments. What we have been through in the last few years and where we are heading have never been more important or apparent in my lifetime. What will the future bring?

Our action or inaction could change the foundations of what we are as a society. Think about that. How will we respond as a people to this pivotal moment in time? We have one major decision. Will we be a top down or a bottom up people? Will government rule us or will we rule government?

The advantage of a top down hierarchy is that you don’t have to make many decisions–for they are made for you. You observe and are told what to do. You are told what health care you will have, if you can own a gun to protect yourself, how and when you can utilize your 401K or IRA savings, how many carbon credits you will receive to provide for your energy needs, how much money you can contribute to a political campaign, what you can say before an election.

The government will determine if you can or can not develop private property so as to save a swamp rat or silver minnow, what federal laws your state must implement. School curriculum and standards will be established by the federal government and not the parents or community, but as a taxpayer you will pay for it.

Your government makes spending decisions on your behalf with your money, whether you like it or not, or even if you are morally opposed to their decisions. You are told you are more secure because we have a government who will take care of you from cradle to grave. It is security at the sacrifice of freedom and self determination. The decisions are established from the top down.


Wayne Hill
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The 10th Amendment

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