taxesOne thing that was edited out of my latest cover article from The New American due to space constraints is something we should never forget when it comes to the issue of “federal funding.” Whenever you hear a centralist, whether from the left or the right, telling you that the federal government should cut off the flow of money to noncompliant states, don’t forget the following indisputable fact:

The U.S. government does not have any money of its own. Unlike you and me, the feds have never earned a dime. All the money that the feds continue to happily spend comes from three sources:

1) What they take away through the threat of force from me and you via taxation.
2) What they borrow from others under the guise that it will be paid back by your children and your childrens’ children.
3) What they produce out of thin air via inflation of the money supply, thereby reducing the value of our life savings.

So, please, centralists, don’t try to spin it like the benevolent feds are producing something of value by bankrupting us and future generations. The true struggle will be trying to sway the average voter who accepts the premise that there IS such a thing as a federal free lunch.

Craig Grant
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