You may watch or listen to Glenn Beck and know that Goldline International is a sponsor. Like every other gold seller, the company is trying to profit from the disastrous, inflationary policies of the US government. For those of us in the know – aren’t we all trying to do the same? A New York congressman, Democrat Anthony Weiner, is going after Glenn Beck and Goldline because …. because … well, read the quote from the story:

“But the facts are clear. Goldline rips off consumers and Glenn Beck helps.”

In the report (on Weiner’s House website as a PDF), Weiner charges that Goldline “grossly overcharges” for coins and makes false claims about gold being a good investment. Goldline touts gold as a more solid investment in this economic climate.

The report says the gold retailer has entered “an unholy alliance with conservative pundits” — among them Beck, Fred Thompson, Dennis Miller, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham — to “promote Goldline by playing off the fear of inflation.”

I suppose that when a hurricane is coming, one can promote window shutters, sand bags, and bottled water (no “price gouging,” of course) because the looming disaster is an act of nature. But when the oncoming slaughter is an act of government and its central planners, the freedom to voluntarily promote and transact need not apply because such actions may interfere with the planned actions of our government propagandists and the potential profits of the corporate state elite.

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Karen De Coster
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