The United States of America is comprised of several states for a very good reason. Or shall I say for many good reasons. My favorite analogy in regards to this topic refers to the states as bulwarks. Bulwarks are walls built for defense. These walls are used in ships below the deck to prevent a ship from sinking if it were to hit an iceberg or a land mass. The bulwarks create barriers and only allow water into individual compartments created by these walls. States were designed to this very thing. Say for instance Kentucky makes bad policy decisions and goes bankrupt. Georgia would not be affected. Quite the opposite. Georgia would hopefully see what Kentucky did wrong and decide not to take the same path. This allows the country to keep on floating even when one compartment is full of it.

Another good thing about this system is it prevents the general government from sinking the ship, but only if states step up to the plate and act as bulwarks on behalf of their citizens. When the Federal Government makes law that puts the well being of the individual citizens at risk it is the duty of the state legislatures and Governors to interpose themselves and set up safegaurds. When the Federal Government spends our future into oblivion the states must find ways to protect the citizens.

It is sad to say that the Georgia legislature has come up short when it comes to the defense of our well being. They did next to nothing to ensure a safer future for the citizens of the state of Georgia during the last session. Our individual rights were ignored and politics as usual was continued. They did not pass a single law which would assert Tenth Amendment rights and help ensure a better future for the citizens of Georgia.

This is nothing new. Last session produced little more in the way of setting up protections. Election cycles seem to have a minute effect on policy, at least in the since that it never gets much better. There are very few elected officials who are willing to stand alone and defend our rights. It is up to us to show up at debates, county party meetings, and various speaking engagements and ask the hard/embarrassing questions. We have to put the pressure on our elected officials and not let up.

cross-posted from the Georgia Tenth Amendment Center

John McCurdy
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