Catastrophe is dead ahead, and it is clear to see – so why are we not stepping on the brakes? I think the November election will be a small “pump” of the brake but will that be enough? Our kid’s future is being spent on bailing out unionized, entitled Greek workers, who need to cut their own benefits, fix their own self made problems, and leave our kids money alone!

The federal government has a plan to end obesity, but the problem is it ends our kid’s freedom. These people are evil dictators disguised as do-gooders. We need to read the constitution and apply it; now!

Government healthcare will ruin healthcare. Unions are destroying the jobs they supposedly treasure. The government programs are destroying charitable giving. The education system is destroying education, respect for the flag and faith in God.

Unemployment “benefits” are destroying incentive to work. Illegal people in this country are taking jobs, undermining wages, bankrupting our community services, and filling our prisons. But we can’t afford a fence.

The free market is under attack and companies that make bad business decisions are being rewarded with political favor, and our hard earned income, and kid’s futures are being siphoned to takeover these failures. Utilities are raising rates to pay for the people that can’t pay but they somehow can afford other luxuries in life.

A minority leftist group has been staging this coup d’état for many years, and they are now implementing an agenda that hates, despises, and wants to destroy the constitution and America. They are in the driver’s seat speeding toward the cliff. We need a new driver. We need to start standing up for our principles.

We need to be proud that we pray, work hard and make money to support OUR families. We need to be proud that we volunteer and give to the charities WE believe deserve our support. We need to be proud of home schooling and private education, and promote education that supports OUR Kid’s future. We need to fly the flag, wear the flag, and sing our national anthem with a new vigor. We need to be proud Americans again believing in OUR INDIVIDUAL greatness that allows us to share our individual wealth to help others. We need to end poverty in Detroit and other communities of color by getting the people currently locked into generational government programs off of government programs and focused on the true American Dream. We need to drive back to our founding principles and constitution that has given us the greatness WE have created and stop telling lies that government has given us anything of worth. The last thing this government has given us of worth was the constitution.

Everything else has been driving us straight toward a cliff…

If you have been paying attention you know we are losing our country. If you have read our constitution you know it is being trampled as if it doesn’t exist. If you have been paying attention you are getting ever more anxious about how this is going to end up. If you have been paying attention you are feeling helpless to stop this madness. If you have been paying attention you are frightened. If you are paying attention you must get involved. If you are paying attention you need to learn our history and read our constitution. If you are paying attention you know you have to get everyone else’s attention…

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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The 10th Amendment

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