JEFFERSON CITY—Missouri voters will decide if they want federal law to force them to buy health insurance, as Sen. Jane Cunningham’s (R-Chesterfield) “Health Care Freedom Act” has now passed the House and goes to the Secretary of State to be placed on the August ballot.

The act was attached to a comprehensive insurance bill, House Bill 1764. The Health Care Freedom Act will appear before voters on the August 2010 ballot, and if approved, no federal law could force a patient, employer, or health care provider to participate in any government or privately run health care system designed by the state or federal government.

“This is a great day for democracy because this issue will now be put before the voters. This legislation simply protects the rights of Missourians to choose their own health care products and services without fear of facing fines or imprisonment,” Sen. Cunningham said. “It doesn’t reject any federal health care option, nor take away an individual’s choice to participate in the federal health care plan. The measure expands options, not limits them. I’m proud to lead Missouri’s push-back on this intrusive, costly mandate from Washington, D.C. A democracy is founded upon the will of the people, so unlike what occurred in DC we’re going to let the people decide this issue.”

Senator Cunningham also says that the bill will protect small businesses from job killing taxes at a time when they need help the most.

“In this economy, we cannot push ineffective, wildly exorbitantly mandates on our businesses and then expect economic growth,” Sen. Cunningham said. “This unprecedented order from the government placed upon individuals and businesses to buy certain products and services must be stopped.”

The Health Care Freedom Act had 20 Senate co-sponsors.

CLICK HERE to view the Tenth Amendment Center’s Health Care Freedom Act legislative tracking page

The Tenth Amendment Center has released the Federal Health Care Nullification Act, which directly nullifies the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” on a state level. Click here to learn more.

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