New York State Senator Michael Nozzolio (R-54th District) has informed me just today that he has drafted and introduced J4716, a resolution to “Re-Establish our State’s Sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment.” See

According to the introductory text this Legislative Resolution, affirms, “the sovereignty of the of the people of the State of New York pursuant to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.” The resolution continues by requesting, “Congress cease and desist from enacting mandates that are beyond the scope of the enumerated powers granted to Congress by the Constitution of the United States.” The legislation also seeks to establish a joint committee on the constitutionality of acts, orders, laws, statutes, regulations and rules of the government of the United States of America in order to protect state sovereignty.”

This introduced legislation resides in the Senate’s Finance Committee where it was referred on Friday, April 16, 2010. Current co-sponsors include Senators Larkin, Maziarz, Seward, Farley, Johnson O, Ranzenhofer, Winner, Alesi, Lanza, Morahan and Young.

In his remarks accompanying the legislation, Nozzolio reminds his fellow Senators, “For the last fourteen months, the U.S. Congress and the President have tried everything they could to consolidate total power in the federal government.” Apparently, Albany is beginning to understand what “We the People” have been becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned about since January 21, 2009. The Senator also displays his recognition that the healthcare legislation is only the latest in a long list of federal actions that are in direct violation of the constitutionally enumerated and limited powers granted the federal government by the states and the people.

While this may not mark the end of the battle for the protection of state and individual rights, it may fire a warning shot across the bow of the federal ship of state to let Congress and the President that the patriots slogan of “Don’t Tread On Me” is alive and well in the State of New York.

However as I seem to end every posting I must remind every man, woman and child that call themselves citizens of New York, whether or not any of this makes a difference is up to you. Call, write, fax, email and visit your elected state representatives and demand that they support this (J4716) and Seward’s S7374 legislation to protect your rights and limit the power of the federal government.

cross-posted from the New York Tenth Amendment Center

CLICK HERE to view the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10th amendment resolution tracking page

CLICK HERE to view the Tenth Amendment Center’s model 10th Amendment Resolution, which you can send to your representatives when urging them to introduce one in your state.

The 10th Amendment

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