During the U.S. Presidential campaigns of 2008, I endeavored to write a book about Freedom. I was literally compelled to do so with the most motivated passion and necessity. Why? Because I saw how the wall of separation between Slavery and Freedom has crumbled and has not withstood the ambitions of tyrants or the ignorance of politicians. I observed the fatal infatuation with the Republican-verses-Democrat political game, observing how such an approach has only created more slavery and less freedom. I realized that for my generation to experience freedom in a real and personal way, I had to study and conclude for myself what Freedom is, where it comes from and how it is secured. I believed that what has been told me to obtain and secure freedom is largely incorrect and full of fallacy. I acknowledged that Freedom is for each generation–not just for generations of the past, and not just hopefully and possibly for the future.

As many will recall, both John McCain and Barack Obama used a form of this slogan for their campaign: CHANGE. But what politician has not promised change, supposedly for the better? And what have these politicians brought us? More of the same big-government and nationalistic-statism philosophy–largely from both major political parties. I, among many other millions of Americans, have another concept in mind: FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE!


Researching for and writing FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE has politically and philosophically transformed my life, way of thinking and approach to politics and society. My mind and perspective have been set free from the generations of cultural and political indoctrination of error and mind-enslavement.  It is with confidence, conviction and understanding that I cry out, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE! I believe it will do the same for you, your family and your friends.


FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE was published by Agrapha Publishing, Inc. and can be ordered on AmazonBarnes and Noble, as well as other retail locations. It is my understanding that FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is on back-order on some retail websites because there have been many pre-orders that need to be fulfilled before shipping to new orders. Book stores can obtain a copy of FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE also, but it is not likely in stores just yet. You could go to your bookstore of choice and ask for a copy of the book. If they do not have it in stock, they will be able to order the book for you and get you a copy shortly.


FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is for every student of American history, jurisprudence, law and freedom; for every lawyer, judge and politician; for every parent and grand-parent; for every pre-graduate and post-graduate student; for every church member, religious leader and pastor; and for every person who desires to make a change for Freedom unlike this country has seen in hundreds of years.

FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE is professionally hardcover-bound with 500 pages of thought- and heart-provoking analysis and exposition, containing literally thousands of quotes, references and citations, many of which coming from the same sources our Founding Fathers studied and used as authoritative exposition of freedom’s principles. Here are the titles of its chapters (with corresponding page numbers):


Introduction (p. 1)
Chapter 1 – The Starting Point: The Thought Process (p. 13)
Chapter 2 – The Foundation: Natural and Revealed Laws (p. 21)
Chapter 3 – Responsibilities Derived from Natural and Revealed Laws (p. 55)
Chapter 4 – Understanding Government (p. 65)
Chapter 5 – Government Formation  (p. 163)
Chapter 6 – Government Administrators: Of, By and For the People (p. 183)
Chapter 7 – Government’s Purpose (p. 201)
Chapter 8 – Government’s Administration (p. 233)
Chapter 9 – Government’s Administrators: Their Qualifications (p. 255)
Chapter 10 – Government’s Administrators: Their Limits (p. 285)
Chapter 11 – Ordination of Government (p. 349)
Chapter 12 – Submission to Government (p. 377)
Chapter 13 – Resistance to Unlawful Government (p. 449)


The following are selected excerpts from the Introduction chapter of FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE:

“The evidence [of the freedom movement in the States] proves that for many years the flames of tyranny have heated the American pot, with the surface appearing to be calm and still, but all the while a boiling movement has existed. Over the years, the heat increased and the brewing intensified. Now, the surface reveals the seriousness of the situation, to the point that even removing the flame completely would prove ineffectual in eliminating the fevering and overrunning boil. This effect is caused for good reason: we the people of the several states have shirked our responsibilities as overseers of federal action and power and have allowed the corruption and degradation of our constitutional compact—the United States Constitution. And while a freedom awakening is occurring, there is still much ignorance, lethargy, and confusion in America regarding true freedom.

“Founding father James Wilson compared freedom to a chain of links, which may be broken when attacked at its weakest points. It symbolized the joint effort, duty, and responsibility that each citizen and each state had to maintain the strength of freedom. In America, what evidently is happening is that the chain used to restrain tyranny and promote freedom is being used against us. The chain holding back tyranny seems to be either broken already or corroding with rust and decay. Freedom does not just exist; it takes the active understanding, participation, and preservation of society to secure it. Thomas Jefferson observed this fact stating, ‘The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.’

“Thus, the questions become: do we understand liberty, do we know what it takes to secure it, and do we even want it? Freedom is delicate and fragile, and without the proper care, it will be destroyed with little effort from various sources. Of course, many claim to love freedom, but are they willing to set aside preconceptions to preserve it? Are they willing to endure the hardships that accompany it? Many claim they want their children to live in freedom, but are they willing to make the sacrifices now to secure it for posterity? Many claim that they know what it takes to maintain freedom, but America continually loses it.

“The time has come in America to search the fundamentals of freedom and begin building again upon the foundations proven to secure freedom. Otherwise, the word freedom will simply be used as a pretense in attempts to convince the minds of citizens that no real action is required on their part, because all is well. To the end of freedom, however, citizens must actively engage truth, history, law, politics, and government administrators.

“For the sake of freedom, it is incumbent upon freedom-loving Americans to grasp what made us free to begin with: natural law, revealed law, and compact law (the Constitution). Knowing that Jesus saves will not spare a nation from slavery. Knowing that individuals should be left alone and not harassed by government is not enough. Without an understanding of the fundamentals and their application in society and government, tyranny shall prevail and our posterity will know even less freedom than we do today—if not complete slavery.

“You might agree that America’s citizens have suffered evils at the hands of its government for many years. However, most Americans feel just as our founders did, that we should ‘suffer evils while evils are sufferable.’ It behooves us then to prevent the evils from even taking place through peaceable means when possible. Indeed, I believe as Thomas Paine did that:

‘God will not give up a people to military destruction, or leave them unsupportedly to perish, who had so earnestly and so repeatedly fought to avoid the calamities of war, by every decent method which wisdom could invent. Neither [do] I…suppose that [God] has relinquished the government of the world, and given us up to the care of devils.’

“At the same time, the truth contained herein reveals that America is perhaps teetering with the thought of consensual tyranny and voluntary slavery, the consequences of which are not unlike what Thomas Paine suggested in his day and will result in America being given up to the ‘care of devils.’

“Can we say, as Thomas Paine did, regarding our certainty of understanding freedom’s principles: ‘My own line of reasoning is to myself, as strait and clear as a ray of light’? Or are we ‘tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine,’ not knowing which direction to take to gain the results of freedom? Will we have the principles of truth engrained in our minds and hearts to recognize and distinguish truth from falsehood?

“Without such a conviction and understanding of freedom, ‘this is our situation…by cowardice and submission, the said choice of a variety of evils [will occur:] a ravaged country—a depopulated city—habitations without safety—and slavery without hope—our homes turned into barracks and bawdy-houses for Hessians—and a future race to provide for, whose fathers we shall doubt of! Look at this picture, and weep over it! And if there yet remains one thoughtless wretch, who believes it not, let him suffer unlamented.’ The words of Thomas Paine still ring true today in America. Without ‘perseverance and fortitude,’ America will not enjoy the ‘prospect of a glorious issue [of freedom].’

“Thus, we must first do as our founders did when they won their independence and possessed a ‘new creation instructed to [their] hands.’ We must reflect upon the truths, natures, principles, and philosophies that compose the new creation, and make it what it is, and ‘look back on the scenes we have passed, and learn from experience what is yet to be done.’

“’The remembrance, then, of what is past, if it operates rightly, must inspire [America] with the most laudable of all ambition, that of adding to the fair fame she began with.’ In other words, Americans should know where they came from so that they can add to the fame of freedom, such that we should ‘never be ashamed to tell [America’s] birth, nor relate the stages which she rose to empire.’”


My prayer and hope is that FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE will enlighten, strengthen and empower the hearts, minds and actions of all who read and study the principles it contains, so that Freedom will produce the changes that will bless and prosper the States in America now and for the future.

(As a matter of interest, FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE has an active Facebook fan page. Please become a fan of FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE, purchase a copy and spread the word!)

Timothy Baldwin
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