To act, despite danger or disapproval.  Works for me.

Taking action in the public arena and stand by it during the onslaught also displays character and leadership.

The chance that a politician will show courage is remote.  Voter disapproval is death to them.  Put that together with a society that has gradually come to accept a big government that attempts to provide basic needs,  and you get politicians that go along to get along.  See my earlier post, “How did we get here?”

Politicians would never speak out against the dependencies that big government creates.  In fact, most of them prefer it.  The dependencies give them control over the lives of those whose dignity has been taken, and control over the money that has been taken to fund it.

This is our status quo, brought on by the unchecked ambition for power of the central authority.  It’s time to check the power.  This will take courage.

You can tell who thinks they have something to gain in the status quo, by just listening.

Name calling is the easiest, and the most common mode of attack-no facts to back up, no explanation required-just pure emotion.   Invent or reveal irrelevant, but salacious information about those who challenge the status quo. The goal is to get the opponent off-guard and off topic, to prevent the truth from reaching the mainstream.

When people get fed up and take action against this overbearing government, they get attacked.  Notice that it’s never with reasoned counterpoints, but with emotional appeals.  When that doesn’t stop us, the response becomes personal attacks and constant emotional attempts to change the subject.

Courage allows us to stand up against the attacks.  Fortitude keeps us on message, because speaking out on behalf of individual liberty and economic common sense is speaking the truth.  There’s no getting around truth.

Those that stand for the status quo are counting on a lack of courage in those who stand against it.  They believe in big government.  It is their livelihood, and like anyone, they will fight to keep their livelihood going.  Their flaw is that they choose to live off the hard work of others.

Courageously point out the failures, ineptitude, mismanagement, irresponsibility, and dysfunction of the central government, and never stop.  When they call you Nazi, Neanderthal, or whatever, don’t stop.  When they ridicule your imperfections (oh, my God! You’re human!), laugh, and politely stay on message.

None of this intimidation affects the truth.  Until Washington, D.C. is back in its proper place, subservient to the states, never stop.

cross-posted from the South Carolina Tenth Amendment Center

Scott Martin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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