CT. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, along with other states, is joining a coalition to invoke state’s rights on restricting access to violent video games to minors. Blumenthal is asking the industry to self-police itself as Connecticut has no such law as of now. He compares it to the motion picture industry not allowing minors to see “R” rated movies. Read the story here: http://www.wfsb.com/news/24311410/detail.html

Although I am a little hesitant for a government to tell anyone what they can/cannot watch especially since it is really up to parents to teach responsibility and have oversight over their kids, I am at least happy that Blumental is invoking statrs rights on this issue and I am in support of it on that basis.

Blumental is a leftist and has never met an industry/company he didn’t want to sue. He is also the CT. Democrat Senatorial candidate to replace the retiring criminal, Chris Dodd.

But the even larger question here, is would Blumenthal also be so quick in defending states rights against massive, unconstitutional violations and transgression against the state such as Obamacare and Cap and Trade?? Given his history, I wouldn’t bet on it! The good thing at least is that he won’t be the AG anymore after this year, but the bad thing is he probably will win the Senate seat and reign more states rights violations upon the people of this state. Oh well, we can hope the more conservative Republican candidate running for his AG seat will do it for us!

cross-posted from the Connecticut Tenth Amendment Center

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