On Thursday, August 19th, 2010, a town hall meeting was held in Minneapolis and involved FCC commissioners Cobbs and Clyburn along with Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who had to leave early because his mother-in-law was in town.:)

Senator Franken and the FCC commissioners spoke about how important it would be to install more government regulation.  This time it would be the Internet.  They called it “Save the Internet” or they also referred to it as “Net Neutrality”

Senator Franken mentioned that the large corporations like Comcast, Google, Verizon will install their own framework and platforms that would benefit their bottom line and make it more difficult for Americans to afford what they referred to as the “tier” platform.  They are concerned that poorer class people could only afford a basic speed Internet, while the more affluent people would have access to a faster speed Internet.  They want all people to have access to the same speed.

The reality is that a free market system will normally seek its own level.  If the prices get out of hand, someone will create a cheaper and faster version.  The market will only support so much.   The people would also rebel against the tier network…just do not buy the faster speed!

Senator Franken and the FCC commissioners shoved their case in so gracefully that hardly anyone recognized that their case had barbs with hooks on it.  Anytime the government says it is here to help…a large red flag should be raised!  Look at the Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Wait until you see your W2 forms in 2011 for the amount that may be added to your adjusted gross income for Healthcare!

Some of the possible barbs and hooks attached to the “Net Neutrality” ponzi scheme are:

  • More Government Control(s)
  • More government monitoring of your Internet and email activity, especially if you oppose government oppression
  • Perhaps the number of emails that you could send in a given time to how many
  • Ban you from the Internet during political campaigns
  • When the government speaks of “regulation” they mean to regulate anyway THEY so choose

Be assured that “Net neutrality” has every bit as much to do with GOVERNMENT control and very little, if anything, to do with Internet neutrality!!

cross-posted from the Minnesota Tenth Amendment Center

The 10th Amendment

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