Here in Montana we continue to wonder where the tyranny will stop. We continue to get snubbed by our elected officials at all levels of government with arrogance leading the way. Recently Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester worked overtime to undermine our sovereignty.

They are both part of the eco~tyranny locking up our resources making closed door deals with not only the United States Eco~extremists, but with foreign governments without the approval of the people. Working behind closed doors with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer they have effectivly bypassed the 1872 mining act providing for the exploration and development of minerals.

The Health Care regulatory takings law is just now starting to show the tyranny that will undue the repbulic of America from the inside. Forcing citizens to purchase into the health care plan will undermine the individual liberties of every American citizen.

Our active government appointed judcial activists are also wreaking havoc on our sovereignty. With judges playing politics with the endangered species act to bypassing congress giving power to EPA providing for rule making through judicial activism. This activism has rendered the seaparation of powers unchecked.

Our local government regularly abuses our sovereignty and initiates regulatory takings of our property rights. Failure of local government to protect the rights of the people continues to undermine the right to own and enjoy property that is truly the foundation of our freedom.

Everyone needs to get involved at every level of government and the Tenth Amendment Center is the place where we can get together to insure we are moving in unison to restoring our republic. Through activism we can get patriots elected and restore accountability to government.

Election Day is coming, and our Montana legsilative session will begin shortly thereafter. We all must be united and preapared for battle to take back America. Tell your freinds and neighbors we are standing up for freedom and shall not back down from the tyranny of government.

cross-posted from the Montana Tenth Amendment Center