For those of us who have been awakened to the onslaught of government control in our lives, a feeling of helplessness often pervades. We simply do not know what to do after recognizing the danger.  Here I present seven critical steps that you can take in the process of regaining freedom.
The first step is becoming aware that freedom is in jeopardy. Many of us are already there.  
The second is to become articulate in our founding documents, especially the U.S. Constitution.  Give emphasis to Article I, Section 8 and the Tenth Amendment.  The arguments they used for freedom are every bit as applicable today as they were then, for they are based upon natural law that does not change.  Familiarity is easily acquired as almost no one reads these documents today.
Third, attach yourself to trusted organizations and websites ideologically in harmony with the Founders. Websites I suggest are,,,, and our own, Most media easily show their ignorance of the Constitution.  Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs were the only national shows with any Constitutional emphasis (CNN recently cancelled the latter show). The National Rifle Association is the major defender of the Second Amendment, which indirectly also protects all amendments.
Share their messages with others but send only well reasoned non-offensive material.  Avoid derogative references to individuals or parties.  To save our republic we will need both major parties.  Remember some people may not be philosophically were you are.  They will join you as they lose more liberty.
Fourth, participation in the Tea Party Patriot movement is now critical.  Anyone serious about his or her liberty should be an active participant.  The organization at the national level gives focus to the more dangerous freedom stealing bills and zeros in on the most vulnerable members of Congress prior to a vote on that particular issue.  Their Action Alerts allow you to focus your concern with thousands of others.
Fifth, find candidates who support the Constitution.  You can only do this if you understand the document yourself.  Supporting the Constitution is far more than just using the word frequently.  We must cease electing Constitutional illiterates. 
Sixth, give your money and time to good candidates.  The “right” people cannot surface to the top without you. You must volunteer your time.  Consider giving ten or more hours a week walking precincts for your candidate or to a dozen other needs of the campaign or organization.  Consider donating 1-5% of your net income to candidates or organizations defending your freedom.  This is war, and money will mean very little if we lose.   
Donating time might include other things as well.  I have a friend who is attempting to establish liberty trees in every town, another who is attempting to get every city to adopt the slogan “In God we Trust”, and still another who is organizing the pastors to forget their theological differences and come together to protect the Constitution as the early patriots did.
To those who are blessed with wealth and find it more secure to invest in status quo consultants who only give mediocre constitutionally sensitive candidates—“safe candidates”—you will lose in the end and your fortunes will be divided among your enemies.  You will go down with the rest of mankind.  The tragedy is worse for you as you could have made a real difference.
Seventh, becoming involved with one or more organizations should begin today.  Your involvement in elections must begin at least a year prior to.  Otherwise you will be forced to make your selection from those who have survived who are almost always mediocre and the “lesser of two evils.”
I have friends, even relatives, who have said, “If you are going to tell me one more time to write my congressman, forget it. I’m not interested.”  Upon inquiry I find that they have not even done that.  
Step one is not enough.  You must do all seven.  We need every soldier on the front lines and in the trenches.  So far your “guns” are your time, talent, and money.  By becoming involved now they can remain just these.  We must have those who will do all seven steps and stay the course.  It won’t be easy but if you need motivation for doing so look into the faces of your children and grandchildren.  Your loss of liberty is also their loss.  Let us not have their slavery on our hands.
Harold Pease

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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