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At this past weekend’s Nullify Now! event in Orlando, FL, hundreds of activists gathered to celebrate the 10th Amendment and find an answer to the essential question of our day – what do we do about it?

For more than a century, We the People have been marching on D.C. in the hopes that federal politicians would see the light and limit federal power. We have been suing in federal courts in the hopes that federal judges would limit federal power. We keep “voting the bums out.” But every federal election cycle we end up with new bums that expand federal power!

Asking, demanding, hoping – that the federal government will limit its own power – just doesn’t work. Thomas Jefferson wrote that when the federal government “assumes undelegated powers…” a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.

NULLIFICATION – has a long history in the American tradition. It is happening across the country RIGHT NOW. Tom Woods was quoted in reports by The New American and the Florida Sunshine News as saying – “Something historic is going on here.”

“For more than 100 years, we’ve had a federal government that has — in a completely unchallenged way — determined the scope of its own powers. And the results are all around us: unpayable debt, impossible entitlement liabilities, crazy foreign policy, crazy monetary policy — everything is crazy about this regime,” Woods continued.

“Given that every other strategy to rein it in has been a failure, Floridians and Americans in general need to embrace something different. They need to embrace a strategy in which we concede that the federal government won’t limit itself, so we decide that something else will have to do that job.” And that something, according to Woods, is nullification.


And YOU can help this growing movement go mainstream.

How? Attend Nullify Now! – our multi-city tour to educate and activate in support of massive state resistance to unconstitutional federal laws, regulations and mandates.

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Your Help – joining us now – will make the tour a huge success – and will allow us to expand and bring these events to more cities soon! (see below for our announcement on a new location already!)

Here’s what you will learn at our events:

  1. What IS Nullification?
  2. What is the historical and constitutional basis?
  3. Where is nullification happening RIGHT NOW? (hint – dozens of states around the country)
  4. What can YOU do today to help make it happen – to enforce the Constitution in your lifetime

Speakers, Speakers….and more SPEAKERS!:

Here’s just a few of our headline speakers at our various locations past and future – (see for specifics on each event)

  • Thomas E Woods – Best-Selling Author of Meltdown, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.
  • Jack Hunter – “The Southern Avenger” – American Conservative Magazine
  • Gary Johnson – Former Governor of New Mexico
  • Jim Babka – President of
  • Debra Medina – Founder of WeTexans, and former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Randy Brogdon – Oklahoma State Senator, author of the OK 10th Amendment Resolution and Health Care Freedom Act
  • Leo Berman – TX State Representative
  • Kim Russell – Founder of People United for Medical Marijuana
  • Wayne Christian – TX State Representative, Founder of the Texas Conservative Coalition
  • Phil Russo – Host of Tea Party Patriots Live Radio Show
  • Trevor Lyman – Co-Creator of the Money Bomb concept
  • Tom Mullen – Author of A Return to Common Sense
  • Charles Goyette – Best-Selling author of The Dollar Meltdown
  • Michael Boldin – Founder of the Tenth Amendment Center
  • William Greene – creator of the Constitutional Tender Act
  • Joe Wolverton II – Professor of American Government, Journalist for The New American Magazine
  • Darla Dawald – National Director,
  • Sheriff Richard Mack – Author of The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope

While most events of this quality level would be at least $50 or more, we’re not doing this to make huge profits – we’re doing it to educate and activate.


We’ve already got two tour stops completed – and they were a great success in Orlando and Fort Worth! The following dates and locations are confirmed right now – and more will be added soon…

We’re working on more dates in Philadelphia, Austin, Missouri, Kentucky and elsewhere. So help us spread the word of the events – let all your friends and family know about it – and at each milestone, we can add new cities like we just announced recently for Los Angeles, and we’ll have tickets ready to go for April in Minneapolis soon too.

We need your help. Help is what we need, and help is what you can give. Get your tickets today!

Thomas Jefferson told us that “whensoever” the federal government assumes unconstitutional powers, a “nullification of the act is THE rightful remedy.” So while it might be important to call, petition, demand, march, sue and vote bums out, because they’re all bums, there’s much more we’re supposed to do. When the federal government violates your rights, you’re not supposed to wait four years for new politicians in the hope that they’ll fix it. You’re not supposed to wait two, or four, or more years for some black-robed judge to pronounce that they’ve violated your rights. You are supposed to resist those violations of your liberty as they happen – and it is your state’s solemn duty to do the same.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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