The election is over, and the GOP made some big gains in the House, but our mission is far from over. Just as it has always been, I predict it always will be. Now, it is time for the lobbyists to come lurking and tempting the newbies with blank checks. Mark my words. The temptation will work.

I am not suggesting the economy will not improve. But if it does, it will do so despite government. The economy will pick up once some new-fangled investment scheme or frenzy comes along, but it will be an empty bubble as usual – just like techs, dot-coms, real estate and oil. Who knows? Maybe there will be no new scheme, and an old scheme might be recycled. Either way, there will have to be a scheme, because Washington only exists to serve deep pockets. Governing really is a zero-sum game, and I think many people are awakening to that fact. So, I hope everyone watches these folks in Washington with the same degree of scrutiny as they have employed over the last two years.

Even when this Congress fails the working class, the rich will continue to get richer. If you have doubts about this, mark my words, book-mark this page and calendar it for future reference. I have come to conclude that this undeniable fact is the core of Congress’ failure. All the rest of the issues are meaningless fluff, except to the extent they can be used to minimize the sordid influence of our politicians. The success or failure of the working class defines the success or failure of America. We’re not looking for hand-outs – just a fair shake. How do you receive a fair shake when our leaders submit us to massive deficit spending so that their cronies can reap some of that good-old corporate welfare? You know, the kind that is supposed to trickle down if you wait long enough.

On the Democratic side of the ticket, at least they were openly critical of how Obama sold out to Wall Street. Now, it’s our turn, unless you want to give the GOP a pass and start blaming its failures on gridlock. But even in gridlock, Wall Street and friends will do well, while pretty much nothing else is accomplished. Remember, you heard it here first. Let’s keep the pressure on them. We need to take the influence out of Washington. It is the only way.

Jeff Matthews

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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