Jon Rappoport of News With Views has a story up about the proposed Texas bill that would Nullify Obamacare.  Jon is favorable to the idea summed up in this paragraph.

“If enough illegal federal laws are nullified by enough states, the emperor is going to look naked, because he is. He’s taxing people to pay for a whole host of laws that are unconstitutional. He keeps saying he needs more money, and it’s obvious this is a lie. What he really needs is less power. What he really needs is honest adherence to the Constitution. He gave all that up a long time ago.”


Chris Woodard of One News Now has a story about Tenth Amendment Legislation being introduced in the Senate by Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi).  With a companion Bill being introduced by Representative Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma).  The law makers are realistic in their expectations as noted in this excerpt;

“I would be less than candid if I told you I was brimming with optimism about this idea,” Wicker admits. “It may take another election and a new president to actually move this concept onto the statute.”  Still, he thinks it is important for the American people, as well as members of the House and Senate, to debate the issue.



Kate Zernike of the New York Times has an article about the proposed “Repeal Amendment”  She say this about the movement behind the Amendment:

The repeal amendment reflects a larger, growing debate about federal power at a time when the public’s approval of Congress is at a historic low. In the last several years, many states have passed so-called sovereignty resolutions, largely symbolic, aimed at nullifying federal laws they do not agree with, mostly on health care or gun control.



JR Dieckmann of the Canada Free press has an article excoriating Democrats and warning Republicans called Obamanomics Has Failed And We’re Stuck With The Bill  It is more opinion then news, but here are a few choice quotes:

For the Democrats he says, “They have destroyed themselves politically and lost credibility and trust. Now they want to add nearly another trillion to the already unsustainable debt before they leave.”

And the Republicans he warns, “The new Republicans had better not fail on their pledge this time around if they want our trust again”

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