There has been a growing list of things that you can not sell in each of the fifty states. In California you can not sell light bulbs or the American favorite happy meals. Every time they limit what can be sold we seem to lose a little bit more freedom in the choices we can make because limiting what can be sold limits what can be owned. We can not sell guns therefore we can not own them. Its only logical because in order to own something it has to be given to you by someone else thus limiting what can be sold limits what can be owned.

We can not own guns, illicit substances of any variety, happy meals, light bulbs, and the result is a loss of freedom. Our free will to live our lives the way we want is hindered because much of our life revolves around economics. Our desire to use a gun can only be fulfilled when we own a gun which can only be possible when someone can sell it to us. It seems that our freedom to do something is only possible when we have the freedom to dispose of our property the way we wish.

It’s definitely not a coincidence that people who wish to control our lives do so by controlling what we buy and sell to one another. Laws and regulations that determine what may be sold to us also determine the possible choices we can make. They do not want us to ingest illicit substances (such as happy meals) so they eliminate that choice completely. Isn’t it diabolical of them?

They determine what you may sell and they determine what you can buy which is why property rights are the only defense for individual freedom. Controlling what you buy determines what you eat which is exactly what Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and the salt police want. It’s the reason why so much of the health care bill focuses on insurers, doctors, and other businesses that sell medical services to the people.

Fortunately, the writers of the constitution realized that this would happen and they put the greatest defense for individual liberty into the United States constitution. In Article I Section 10 it states that “no state shall…make…Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts” In short, every state in the union is forbidden under United States Law (constitution) from impairing the obligations of any contract so if the residents of California form a contract to receive a happy meal then the state of California can not impair that obligation. The happy meals have to be transferred to the customers as the contract between them says.

The right to sell and purchase happy meals is secured under U.S. law but what about the right to sell and buy guns, drugs, light bulbs, or any other kind of property? We may be sitting on the greatest weapon to defend individual liberty ever. Any law that impairs and contractual agreement between two people is null and void simply because the state has no power to stop the transfer of property from one person to the other. Since most interactions with other people involve the movement of property from one to the other then there is no voluntary interaction that can be hindered by any state in the union.

Edward Browning Bosley
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The 10th Amendment

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