Less than a year ago, I invited an outspoken critic of state nullification, State Senator Jim Whelan of New Jersey,  to debate New York Times best selling author, Thomas E.Woods Jr. on my Blog Talk Radio show.

Tom Woods was ready and willing, but not surprisingly, even after attempting to reach Sen. Whelan by phone and email several times, the only response to the challenge I ever got was a generic form letter from his staff… Why am I not surprised?

If anyone knows for a fact that Sen. Whelan didn’t just chicken out (maybe his staffers just deleted all my emails and voice mails accidentally), please let me know ASAP. I’ll recontact him tomorrow. Otherwise I will just assume he wasn’t up to the challenge.

Now fast forward to February, 2011. A blogger from VA has made the gratuitous assertion that “The Whole Tenth Amendment Business is Dumb and Crazy.”

Not content to simply disagree with the Tenthers and argue against our ideology using well reasoned arguments,  Dan Casey thinks it necessary to insult our intelligence by calling us “intellectual boobs”, question the integrity of our leadership and associate our movement with 19th century slaveholders. What a zombie

Well guess what? Just like NJ State Sen. Jim Whelan, I’ve challenged him to debate a representative from the TAC, and I’ve given him at least three very flexible options:

1. A debate via recorded conference call.
2. A debate on a live streaming internet radio program.
3. A text based email debate.

Will he accept the challenge? I seriously doubt it. But you can give him some encouragement by sending him an email.

I’ll keep you posted…

Derek Sheriff

The 10th Amendment

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