U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, controversial moderate Republican from Maine, has been facing increasing opposition as the constitutional awareness among Americans continues to rise. In a 2009 Public Policy Polling survey, it was found that she has lost a lot of ground when in years past, her shaky stances would gain her popularity as a bipartisan moderate. A conservative candidate would have the upper hand by over ten percent against her.

Scott D’Amboise, a life-long Mainer, announced his candidacy over a year ago. Born and raised in Carmel, Maine, he graduated from Hermon High School and attended the University of Maine. He lives currently in Lisbon Falls, where he has served as Town Selectman.

His website notes:

Like so many Mainers, Scott understands how difficult it can be to raise a family in Maine because of the current tax burdens and the state’s poor fiscal situation, and he is driven to make a difference for his family’s future as well as yours.

He also works in the healthcare field, and thus is able to provide a perspective on the ongoing healthcare problem that many others in Congress, Senator Snowe included, cannot provide.

For more information on Scott D’Amboise, you can visit his official campaign website atwww.damboiseforsenate.com.

Mr. D’Amboise’s signed 10-4 Pledge can be found, along with his Constitution and Term Limit Affidavit in .PDF form here.

The 10th Amendment

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