The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”      ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

Did you know that you live in a nation that’s approaching it’s death-rattle-centennial? I bet you probably didn’t. Right in front of our very eyes the Republic was sold into the hands of the banking elites. Right underneath our noses our birthright was stolen. You might be asking yourself: “Ryan, what is so important about 1913?

First, one must examine Alexis de Tocqueville’s comment in reference to the death of the Republic. When de Tocqueville came to America, being privy to the politics and social conditions of his homeland of France, he wished to see what made America so special. His findings, after coming to America and examining our social and political lives, were recorded in his most famous writing: Democracy in America. In it, de Tocqueville discovered that Americans tended to be a very free people, a religious people and a people who were drawn to being in groups… or alliances. But his most dire findings were associated with our political system. He knew that America would perish if the politicians began to bribe the people with their own money. This was impossible until 1913.

In 1913, under the guidance of President Woodrow Wilson, the 16th Amendment was ratified. This Amendment allowed for the collection of income taxes. Before this the US acquired capital through fees on items such as gum, cigarettes, etc. — we had never had the means of “redistributing wealth” until the passage of this Amendment. All of the federal expansion, vis-a-vis, the social programming that’s been occurring from FDR’s administration unto this very day, is being done through the “redistribution” of our tax dollars to various agencies, locals and pet projects.  The idea of “Pork Barrel” projects, you know, legalized-accepted-bribery, this is done by taking tax dollars from Indiana, sending them to Washington, and then allowing Congressmen to distribute those funds to their districts. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Your state’s in trouble, your family could use the extra 10-15%  the feds take out of your check, but get over it–Barney Frank needs to get re-elected, and so he needs your money to furnish a pet project back home to build credibility with his constituents. Hmmmm. Does this sound couth?

Once the 16th Amendment was passed, this forever changed federalism as we know it. When a state receives funds from the federal government, they are slave to the federal government. Currently, the states have almost no recourse against the federal government whenever they feel one of the three branches are acting unconstitutionally. And this isn’t the way the system was set-up. In 1876 Wilson remarked that “The American Republic will in my opinion never celebrate another centennial. At least under the present constitution and laws.” This admission from Wilson brings with it the clarity of his views… a clear-cut idea of what his “true” goals were–to undue our Republic and turn it into a hybrid of socialism and democracy.

Under the Wilson administration we experienced some of the most foundational changes to our system of federalism. To be sure–our Republic was eviscerated right before our eyes. Now what? What can we do after he urged the Congress to pass the income tax Amendment, which forces the states to look to the federal government for assistance? What can we do now since the Federal Reserve has taken on the responsibility of one of the enumerated powers of Congress, the power to print money? There’s only one thing we can do, friends: Urge the state YOU live in to pass some form of a nullification-teaser bill. In Indiana, SB 505 is one such bill. In Arizona SB 1433 is another. These types of bills are popping up all over this nation, and unless you wish to have the remaining sovereignty you hold in your state stripped down to the last thread, we must take precautions now, pass legislation this very instant that will impede the power grabs of the federal government… and force a honest debate over our “modern day federalism” which amounts to nothing more than a quasi-tyranny, a tyranny in which those in Washington who are to be the servants, they’re now the masters–we are the servants.

The American people are waking up… we are becoming more educated… this charade will not continue forever. With over 26 states suing the federal government over the “individual mandates” in last year’s Health Care bill, to the plethora of states passing their own stricter versions of immigration reform–the states have taken a side… and it’s the side of the people. Let the debate begin: Do we want to be a Republic again, or a democracy? You must decide that for yourself!


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