Our NJ Nullification project is moving out of development and into practice.                The purpose is to educate the citizens of NJ on State Nullification and why it must be used to protect our liberty.  Our Legislators are very much part of this endeavor. Partners in this effort include Tea Party and 912 Groups who are equally determined to spread this message statewide. 

This effort involves nullification power point presentations to groups around NJ,  use of media including Youtube videos, BlogTalk Radio and all other forms of communication.   Your voice is extremely important in helping us spread the word.  Please do what you can to help us promote State Nullification by contacting your legislators, calling radio shows, writing to local newspapers, etc….

Our Nullification Project is also very much a part of promoting the following good news:  Thanks to the efforts of two patriots among our groups, we have a very exciting announcement! 

Thomas Woods will be speaking at an event in NJ on June 4th.   As you know,  Tom Woods “wrote the book” on Nullification and we are very pleased he has agreed to come to NJ to speak  to us!   This event will be held at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, Morris County.  More information is one the way, including the official invitation/announcement and internet sign-up.

Many thanks go out to those who responded to our first call for help!  It’s never too late to join the team. Please consider it!

We don’t have an official name for this project, but I like to think of it as  “NJIN for Liberty”.   The NJIN meaning New Jersey Interposition and Nullification.   Sounds like “engine for Liberty” !

Brenda Poland
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