On July 26, 2010, Rob Pepe wrote on our facebook page,

Let’s put a copy of Nullification in the hands of EVERY member of the Pennsylvania legislature.  I have my rep and senator covered.  Who’s next?

On November 9, 2010, every legislator in the state of Utah received a copy of Nullification courtesy of the Utah Tenth Amendment Center.

Following the lead of these forward thinkers and borrowing our project name from Sheriff Mack’s, “No Sheriff Left Behind project, the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center is happy to report a large stride toward fulfilling Rob’s idea.

Mike Tilley describes our March 7 outreach effort in Harrisburg.

Jim Vetter, Joe Wright and myself met with Todd Shamash to deliver and discuss the Corbett letter and also deliver a hardcover copy of Nullification.  The meeting went well but it was apparent that Todd believes the Supreme Court is the unquestioned authority that will decide on Obamacare.
A total of 125 hardcover copies and 33 audiobook copies of “Nullification” were delivered to Representatives and Senators (104 Reps, 21 Senators).  The books that were handed out included:  TAC brochure, Corbett Letter, Introductory letter.  The introductory letter was actually banded to the book in a way that made it stand out and allowed for an important part of the letter to be read without having to open the package.  33 Representatives received Audiobook copies as well as hardcover copies (Hardcover books were only given out to Reps and Senators the scored a D or above in the PA Liberty Index, Audio CDs were only given out to reps that scored a B or above in the Liberty Index).  The books and especially the audiobooks were well received.  So far one representative (Rosemary Brown) has emailed me a thank you for the book.
A variety of follow up efforts will be forthcoming to educate and lobby about State Sovereignty and Nullification.  One such effort will be to visit the capitol again in a few weeks to meet with some legislators about these issues while also delivering additional materials to a few key legislators that were missed. Local grassroots members will also be guided into lobbying their local legislator about state sovereignty and nullification issues.  Now the real work begins.
We are grateful to the anonymous donor(s) who funded this project.  We are also grateful for the dedication and hard work of the volunteers who made it happen.  Now we are asking other Pennsylvanians to continue the effort.  If your legislator received a nullification package, please contact them and let them know how important it is for them to understand this information and pursue this course of action.  If your legislator did not receive the package, please get them a copy of Nullification.  If you buy a copy from the Tenth Amendment Center at the preceding link, your purchase will also help to fund our efforts.  You can also find it at a lower price from other locations if your only goal is to get the book to the legislator.
If you need to know whether your representative received a package, contact us at pennsylvania@tenthamendmentcenter.com.  If you provide your legislator with a book, let us know so we can keep track of who still needs them.
If these books are going to do anything more than just decorate a bunch of legislators’ book shelves, our legislators need to hear from us!

Steve Palmer

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