In our post, Pennsylvania Legislature Joins the TSA Resistance Movement, we told you about Pennsylvania’s House Resolution 16 and House Bill 852.  Both of these items were offered by Representative Tallman in resistance to the TSA’s Unconstitutional airport screening measures.  These pieces of legislation are currently referred to the State Government Committee.

House Resolution 49, Pennsylvania’s House State Sovereignty Resolution which was introduced by Representative Swanger, is also referred to the State Government Committee.

We have been advised that the State Government Committee will be meeting with regards to the TSA legislation on this Wednesday, March 30, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Please contact the state government committee members to get the TSA legislation, HR16 and HB852, out of committee and onto the floor of the house for a vote.  Tell them that we do not consent to unclothed, digital imaging of Pennsylvania’s sons and daughters.  We do not consent to submit Pennsylvania’s sons and daughters to improper sexual contact as a condition for travel.  We, the People of Pennsylvania, demand to be treated according to the Constitution and with a presumption of innocence.

Sending this message especially important if you are a constituent of one of the committee members.  And while you’re at it, you can ask them to support State Sovereignty Resolution, HR49, too!  Here are the members who need to be contacted before Wednesday.


Majority Minority
Metcalfe, Daryl D. , Chair – (717) 783-1707
Grove, Seth M. , Secretary – (717) 767-3947
Cox, Jim, Subcommittee Chair on Government Operations 

(717) 772-2435
Gabler, Matt, Subcommittee Chair on Federal-State Relations – (717) 260-6142

Josephs, Babette , Democratic Chair – (717) 787-8529
Samuelson, Steve, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Federal-State Relations -(717) 705-1881
Vitali, Greg, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Government Operations – (717) 787-7647
Culver, Lynda Schlegel – (717) 787-3485
Dunbar, George – (717) 260-6132
Evankovich, Eli – (717) 260-6129
Grell, Glen R. – (717) 783-2063
Hahn, Marcia M. – (717) 783-8573
Kauffman, Rob W. – (717) 705-2004
Knowles, Jerry – (717) 787-9029
Krieger, Timothy – (717) 260-6146
Mustio, T. Mark – (717) 787-6651
Roae, Brad – (717) 787-2353
Stern, Jerry – (717) 787-9020
Briggs, Tim – (717) 705-7011
DePasquale, Eugene – (717) 787-7514
Fabrizio, Florindo J. – (717) 787-4358
Johnson, Kenyatta J. – (717) 783-1792
Pashinski, Eddie Day – (717) 783-0686
Payton, Tony J., Jr. – (717) 787-1354
Santarsiero, Steven J. – (717) 787-5475
Steve Palmer

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